cooperative learning game

guessing game

zero-sum game solver

If your browser supports Java, the form below has two buttons marked "Left" and "Right", plus a reset button. If it doesn't you should exit.

You play against the computer by choosing a column with the corresponding button; the computer chooses the row. Next to the row are marked the probabilities with which the computer will choose that row. The matrix of rows and columns contains the payoffs; the first number is the amount the computer (row player) gets and the second number is the amount you (column player) gets. Your objective is to get the highest possible payoff. The average score of the row and column player are tracked below the matrix, together with the number of times you have played. If you want to start over, push the reset button.

If you are mildly clever, you should be able to get about 2; if you are a bit cleverer you should be able to get about 4. Most challenging of all is to see if you can get 6.

If you are interested in the theory that this program is based on, click here. If you are interested in the source code, click here.