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02/17/2019 08:02 PM by aaron; game theory assignment
I have a class project picking basketball teams for each game in a tournament called march madness. If you don't know march madness it is 64 teams in a bracket and they all play one game and the winning teams then all play and so on for 6 rounds. Using a projection system to find the winners and using polls to find the team my friends will pick, how can I use game theory and explain it in at least a little detail for my project as to why I pick each team. I will not know which of my friends pick which team, but I will know how many people in the contest is taking each team as a whole, there are 20 total people including me and only I get all the information for this project and then I can pick. I know if a team is projected to win 60% of the time but 100% of the others pick that team, game theory says to pick the opposite. But what if the team is projected to win 99% of the games and 100% pick them, do I still pick opposite and how do I decide, using teams predicted to be very likely to win, when it is worth picking opposite? can anyone explain please. thank you. [Manage messages]