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07/09/2020 01:12 AM by Berna Grams; How to calculate the pooling equilibirum?
I am working on a term paper and I am struggling to calculate the Pooling Equilibrium. I tried to apply a signalling game, similar to the education game, to start-ups and investors. I successfully calculated a separating equilibrium but am not sure if there even is Pooling Equilibrium.

I added an extensive form game from the Separating Equilibrium to the attachments.
The venture capitalist wants to invest 100 and his ROI would be 500. The cost of cheating is C_H: 50 and C_L: 110
C_L> C_H

I tried really hard to solve the Pooling Equilibrium but I still have too many questions to be sure that I solved it correctly.
I would be really happy about your help because otherwise, I will have to take out the Pooling Equilibrium part of my term paper which is actually quite essential.
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