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The course is graded based on the final exam. There will be weekly problem sets that are not for credit, but several will be graded to provide feedback, and the answers will be reviewed in the TA sessions.


1. Static Games: dominance, Nash equilibrium
2. Static Games: coordination, refinements
3. Auctions and Political Economy
4. Dynamic Games: extensive form, subgame perfection
5. Dynamic Games: refinements, robustness, learning
6. Dynamic Games: self-confirming equilibrium, experiments
7. Repeated Games: long-run versus short-run
8. Repeated Games: the folk theorem
9. Uncertainty: expected utility, risk
10. Uncertainty: behavioral critiques
11. Uncertainty: dynamic programming
12. Bayesian Games
13. Mechanism Design
14. *Dynamic Moral Hazard: Peer versus Collective Punishment


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